We are launching StyleLA.TV, an interactive weekly model competition show featuring the best in Music, Dance, Fashion, Lifestyle and Nightlife. (Television, Pre-Production)

After suffering a near-death experience and acquiring a psychic ability, an arrogant choreographer struggles to change and bring his life into balance while running his chaotic dance studio. (Television, In Development)

A weekly exhilarating X-treme dance competition that captures the raw athletic talent of the urban B-Boy/street dance culture. (Television, In Development)

On the back drop of the Las Vegas, an attractive Choreographer for a popular Music and Dance revue, is thrust into a series life and death experiences. (Feature)

Chase by the cops for a crime they didn’t commit, a revered B-Boy dance crew relentlessly trek to a B-Boy battle to defend their name against a rival crew. (Feature)

Go behind the scenes and follow the extraordinary lives of the girls of Q. (Reality)